Sprawling from sea level up the slopes of Haleakala, Kaupo ranch encompasses the dramatic landscape of the leeward side of Maui.  Kaupo Ranch Ltd. is a working cattle ranch with approx. 1800 head of cattle.  Kaupo Ranch is a step level 4 rating certified producer under the Global Animal Partnership 5 - Step Animal Welfare Rating Standard for Beef.  Kaupo is producing a Pure Bred Angus Plus Genetics providing grass fed power bulls tailored for the grass fed, all natural movement.  

In 2002, a group of six ranch operations located on the island of Maui got together to form Maui Cattle Company.   Currently Kaupo Ranch is a major supplier and partner in the Maui Cattle Company grass fed movement. 

Known as a cattle operation, most people don't know about the tremendous hunting and fishing on the ranch.  Maui Hunting Safari is Kaupo Ranches exlusive hunting outfitter.  With Trophy Axis Deer, Kaupo Ferral Goat, and Polynesian Boar, Kaupo Ranch offers a variety of hunting experiences that can be found no place else on earth.  


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